Alex M.

I’ve been seeing Maria for about two years now. Her hands have helped my body maintain its health. I used to get aches and pains in my back and shoulders consistently but since I’ve made seeing Maria an almost monthly ritual they’ve all but disappeared. About a year ago I had an accident and had to have lower back surgery (lumbar spinal fusion). The recovery months were tough and a whole new caliber of aches and pains came with the surgery. I wasn’t able to see Maria in that time up until about two to three months ago, and I have to say visiting her didn’t make the pain bearable – it was/is vital to virtually eliminating my pains. She cares about the people she cares for and that is a quality that you can’t put a price on…also she never fails to remind me to stand up straight after my massage haha! Wonderful woman, wonderful healer. Do yourself a favor and visit Maria