Sabrina P.

If I could give Maria 10 stars, I would. I had severe lower back pain, glute (piriformis) pain and sciatica for more than a week, along with all the accompanying problems (can’t move well, walk well, sit; exhausted from not sleeping well; not able to focus at work from the pain). Fell down a few weeks ago, and reaggravated an old injury in the same area. Had surgery in 2004, physical therapy, chiropractic, myofascial massage, acupuncture – yes, I did all those, and yes, they all worked to a certain degree (thankfully). But I was at my wit’s end with this pain. Tried stretching, aquatherapy, set up PT again, even scheduled a cortisone shot. In desperation, I googled and found Maria’s massage center. I texted her this morning, and she had me come in for an available appointment. First-of-all, turnaround response time was 5 stars. Second – I walked out of there, after 60 minutes of intense massage work (and a really nice conversation), and 3 hours later feel like a million bucks. Maria is smart, funny, and she knows her business. She provided an excellent massage (best I’ve ever had), as well as recommendations for some other modalities (like Turmeric capsules for pain relief, which I picked up after our session). She gave 3 examples of stretches I could do today to continue to help heal the area. She even texted me some information about a related issue. I mean, what else do you want in a massage therapist? This woman is a goddess in my book. I’ve already scheduled my next session with her. And the PAIN IS GONE. Thank you, Maria!