Samantha T.

I never really believed in huge massage therapist centers. The risk of encountering a bad masseuse or having a bad experience was too high. I wanted someone I could trust, someone who knew what she was doing, someone who didn’t deal with clients AND management so she could really focus on her work.

Maria’s specialization is what I needed. Her space is very calming, she has everything that a masseuse would need, and she really knows the human body and its muscles. I knew she knew what she was doing when I didn’t have to tell her about my wonky right shoulder/back- she just worked on it specifically herself. She offers a lot of different types of massages and really cares about her clients. I mentioned that it was my birthday and she made the massage extra special and even told me to tip next time on my second appointment, which I will definitely be doing and booking! I felt so relaxed, my muscles felt well treated, and she even has some water and mints on hand and really makes sure you’re comfortable. I booked a 90-minute massage and she followed the time to a T, even accounting for the 3 minutes of me taking my clothes off and telling her about my condition.

Thank God for Yelp, because I found Maria. You will not go wrong with her. She really cares about her work and about how you feel going out of there.