Y. S.

Honestly, I think Maria has ruined me. This was the apex of all massages. And I know a thing or two about massages because I get them so frequently. I believe they are a necessity, not a luxury. I’ve gotten massages everywhere, from cheap foot massage places to high end spas to private in-home appointments. Maria by far provided the BEST massage I have ever had.

The whole time I was getting massaged, it felt like a symphony. Everything from her technique, to her intuition, to her energy…it was magical. I can’t even describe what her massage is like because words won’t do it justice. Suffice it to say, she uses long kneading strokes like swedish massage, but also finds trigger points like reflexology, and throws in hot stones as well. I was worked on from head to toe. Maria’s massage was completely relaxing and very therapeutic. It literally felt like Heaven and I am sooo thankful that someone like Maria does this to help so many people who need this kind of care.

If massage can be art, then Maria is definitely an artist! You HAVE to experience one of her massages at least once in your lifetime! Also, her space is super clean, she uses the best essential oil brand (Doterra), and I really liked the good quality, unscented massage oil that she used.