Ani K.

Went in for my first massage with Maria yesterday and I feel absolutely phenomenal today!

Little background on my activity levels
– I am a Physical Therapist, working 40+ hours a week. I take care of other people’s bodies all day, every day and hence barely have time to treat my own. BUT being in the field and knowing the importance of taking care of your own body to be able to help others, I decided it’s time I find a GOOD massage therapist.
– I work out 4-5x/week, Pilates (2-3x), HIIT (1-2x), and a hike or two here and there. My muscles are TIGHT and as MUCH as I stretch (practice what you preach) some knots and trigger points just need some good TLC (AKA, go to Maria!)

What I enjoyed most about Maria’s massage is how she takes a few minutes to get to know you as the beginning of the appointment. She listens to your concerns and “problem areas” and is able to tailor the massage to your individual needs. Of the previous massages I’ve experienced elsewhere, what I disliked the most was how cookie-cutter the massages were. One size does NOT fit all! Find yourself a massage therapist who believes in that philosophy and you are golden!

Thank you Maria SO much – I’ll see you again in 3 weeks 😉