Bella T.

WOW! Just wow! So let’s start by saying that I’m a massage-addict. I go regularly to different places (from Los Angeles to San Diego) and I love deep tissue therapy. None of the massages that I’ve ever tried compare to Maria’s. She is a pro, for sure. She knows the pressure points and how the different parts of your body is connected to each other. Different sides of my body had distinguish pains, so instead of doing the same on both sides, she proficiently recognized what my weak points were and worked on them. I was so amazed that she knew my body so well, as this was the first time that I was there. I’m so hooked and will be a regular. I need this kind of stress-relievers in my life. It’s more expansive than what I used to, however, you get what you pay for. Just try her, I promise you won’t regret it. Communicate if the pain is too much or too little and she will adjust. Also, this is a deep tissue massage people, it’s supposed to hurt. Just breath and let it out. Your body will thank you later.