Russ S.

Hands down the best deep tissue/therapeutic massage around!

I found Maria here on Yelp when looking for someone close to my new office in Glendale. I am a bit of a massage snob, very picky trying to find real deep tissue, but was in serious pain one day having slept wrong, and was lucky to find a last minute opening with Maria not knowing what to expect. I got everything I could have asked for and more.

She was very open up front, asking if I really wanted “deep tissue”. She was transparent telling me many people ask for it, but then really can’t handle the pressure. That was the first great sign for me, and she didn’t disappoint. Truthfully, the first time it was intense, but in the best possible way, and for the two months I kept very consistent and my body never felt better.

It’s ironic I write this review now, as I have been traveling a ton over the summer, and haven’t seen her in about 6 weeks, and just remembered I should write a review as I was looking up her number to book an appointment. It’s going to be pure agonizing bliss the first time back, and my body can’t wait!