Erica B.

I’m only giving this a two, because the back/shoulder part of the massage was good, and Maria redeemed herself at the end.

For 4 months, I had suffered EXTREME back/neck/shoulder tension that caused unbearable pain. I had been seeing a masseuse (under my primary physician’s recommendation) in my hometown, but we moved, and I needed to find someone new. I saw that Maria’s offered a Yelp! discount, so I decided it was worth a try.

As soon as I walked in, she (Maria) scolded me for bringing the Yelp! discount, claiming she had told me over the phone not to bring one (who does that?) It was about $20 more (plus tip) without the discount, and while I could afford it, I was still upset. Let’s consider that I was already in pain.

I started tearing up, but fought it back. She started the massage. I had requested a deep tissue – which is what I had at my other masseuse – and she got started and kept barking at me to “relax my back” because I was “too tense” (Hello! Why do you think I’m here???). She ended up saying I couldn’t have the deep tissue and that she was just going to give me a fully body massage which pissed me off. I’m paying for what I want, and my back/neck/shoulders are in pain – I don’t need a leg or hand massage.

I actually started crying on the table because she made me feel so bad for not being able to “relax” enough. On top of that, I was crying because she berated me about the Yelp! discount. I was so upset.

Then she started massaging my scalp… by massaging I mean, digging her finger nails into my scalp.

I will say that during the second half of the massage, things got better. She told me that since she ‘couldn’t’ do deep tissue, she would give me a hot stone treatment for free, and that felt really good. She did the scalp thing a few times, which I hated, but the neck and upper shoulder treatment was really good.

In the end, the told me should would honor the Yelp! coupon “just this one time”, but to never bring it to her again. Her reasoning was “Why should I use this discount when I don’t get anything from it? They don’t even pay me for days?”

I thought that was very unprofessional, but I was relieved she took the discount, regardless.

Anyways, if you just have average stress and tension, live in the area, and don’t mind paying full price, this place is good. But if you want someone kind, who empathizes with your needs, and is honorable, I would look elsewhere.